Reflexology Massage
Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears to relax and alleviate stress.


Reflexology is a foot and hand massage that enhances well-being and balances the total body.

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This massage utilizes pressure points that correspond to other body parts & organs. Reflexology can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment. Your Massage Therapist applies this pressure point massage technique to your feet, calves & upper legs, along with your palms, & fingers. This relaxing massage therapy will decrease stress and anxiety in your entire body.

Reflexology 60 minutes

Starts at $115

Reflexology 30 minutes

Starts at $80

Reflexology 90 minutes

Starts at $145

Reflexology 60 minutes series of 6

Starts at $632.50

Reflexology 90 minutes series of 6

Starts at $797.50

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