Japanese Hair Straightening
"If you want permanent, pin-straight hair, get Japanese Hair Straightening."

Japanese Hair Straightening

Gorgeous pin straight hair

Want to have permanent pin straight hair even after wetting it and leaving it to dry naturally? Discover soft, smooth, shiny, straight hair.

This service requires a prior in-person consultation to examine hair and discuss exact cost of service. Japanese Hair Straightening is a very labor intensive process. Depending on the density and length of your hair, this service takes approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Japanese Hair Straightening

All prices are on a "start at" basis. An extra charge will be added for thicker or longer hair.

Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

Japanese Hair Straightening

This straightening treatment can be used on any hair type, including hair that has been bleached, colored, or chemically relaxed, along with African American.

Your stylist will apply the retexturizing solution to wet hair and it will be left to process. The hair is then rinsed, blow-dried and straightened. A retexturizing, neutralizing cream is then applied, rinsed off, and the hair is blow-dried again, leaving hair pin straight!

Japanese Hair Straightening

Starts at $600

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